Sapphire Healing Center

The Journey

Dr. Sruti Lam-Fletcher had embarked on the path of conventional medicine. On the brink of entering her medical residency, a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease-ulcerative colitis interrupted and changed the trajectory of her life.

While exploring ways to heal herself with natural remedies, she learned about naturopathic medicine. This was the metamorphosis that transformed her life and propelled her into pursuing naturopathic healing for her gastrointestinal health. She has been an expert in this discipline ever since and seeks to change the lives of individuals tormented with chronic digestive and abdominal disorders.

The Conception

The synergy of passion for healing, drive for investigation and determination to live by example, birthed the collaboration of Sapphire Healing Center alongside her husband and best friend.

Dr. Sruti Lam-Fletcher Philosophy

“Serve because you want to, not because you have to- it should come from the heart”. With this intent, I pursued medicine- both conventional and naturopathic. I strongly believe that when the body sustains injury, a healing process has begun at once; nature’s agencies are set to work to restore soundness. My purpose is to enable and empower nature’s healing and restoration in the most effective manner.”

Naturopathic | Functional | Holistic

Extensive education on a multicultural/multidimensional level in addition to the fusion of allopathic and naturopathic medicine brings a unique perspective to Dr. Lam’s profession. In addition to her educational background, she has ample experience in research publications and presentations at conferences emphasizing evidence-based medical practice. She is also a certified functional medicine doctor from the Institute of Functional Medicine and has been featured in various medical documentaries and webinars.

Dr. Lam-Fletcher uses a wide array of methods to treat conditions that range from women’s health to chronic gut health issues. Furthermore, she is trained to administer the NAD treatment: a new approach to drug/alcohol dependence and addiction that has proven to be the most effective method available to assist the body and brain in repairing the damage done by drugs (either illegal or prescription) such as alcohol, tobacco, opiates, and marijuana.

Therapies and modalities including:

The 6 PRINCIPLES of Naturopathic Medicine